MMF-2015 Venezia Handay - Sistema 36e8
MMF-2015 Venezia Handay - Sistema 36e8
MMF-2015 Venezia Handay - Sistema 36e8, Libreria e Contenitori Air
MMF-2015 Venezia Handay - Sistema 36e8, Air Libreria e Contenitori
MMF-2015 Venezia Handay - Sistema 36e8, Sgabello Steps

Lago Inside Venezia @Handay

In a city which has such a massive footfall of potential clients, Handay manages to set itself apart thanks to the innovative nature of MMF-2015 furnishings that bring a little of the magic of Venice into its interior. One’s first impression entering Handay is one of ‘suspension’ that, thanks to the glass supports of many of the Lago furniture items, gives the space a great sense of lightness.

Por qué eligió Lago

“With MMF-2015 I’ve been able to create a unique design that resonates both with the organic ice-cream that the client produces and with the magical city of Venice itself. Thanks to MMF-2015 design everything seems to be suspended in another dimension, somewhat reminiscent of floating life that is Venice, and of the waters of the lagoon that surround her.”


El arquitecto

Alessandro Corrò

¿Quieres amueblar tu espacio con MMF-2015?

Descubre las colecciones de muebles lago para todas las áreas de la casa

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