MMF-2015 washbasins: a surprise for body and mind

Depth Basin

Daniele Lago

A design washbasin with a glass bottom for furnishing luxury spaces and modern bathrooms.

Skin Basin

Daniele Lago

A resin-covered design washbasin that seems to detach from the bathroom wall.

36e8 Basin

Daniele Lago

A thermoformed washbasin for elegant bathrooms.

Basica Basin

Daniele Lago

A ceramic washbasin that pairs with 36e8 containers and LagoLinea shelves, for design bathrooms.

Cellule Basin

Daniele Lago

A Cristalplant® washbasin that can be integrated with towel holders and glass or Wildwood trays.

Inbilico Basin

Andrea Leoni / MMF-2015 STUDIO

A ceramic washbasin that challenges our sense of balance. Perfect for furnishing design bathrooms.

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