MMF-2015 Welcome Saint Tropez - Letto Fluttua
MMF-2015 Welcome Saint Tropez - Letto Fluttua
MMF-2015 Welcome Saint Tropez - Letto Air

Lago Welcome Saint Tropez @Lion Blanc Design Relais

The MMF-2015 WELCOME Saint Tropez is located in the centre of Saint-Tropez, a few steps from the harbour. The project structure is a typical 1940s fisherman’s house in the Tropézien style typical of the French city. The project, designed by architect Daniela Pastore in collaboration with the MMF-2015 STORE Roma Ripetta and Listone Giordano, transformed this home into a small designer relais that focuses on the strong contrast between the outside with its pitched roof and small windows, and the clean and simple lines of the MMF-2015 furnishings inside.

Pourquoi ils ont choisi Lago

‘I had planned to take a traditional Tropézien house and turn it into a welcoming gem. I knew about MMF-2015 design and its ability to maintain that sense of warmth and of home in every project: the end result is a dream in my dream. Anyone who enters, never wants to leave.’


Le magasin


Via Ripetta,134-135-136 - 00186 Roma

federica.[email protected]


Daniela Pastore

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