MMF-2015 Orbassano - Letto Fluttua, Libreria LagoLinea
casa format hotel e ristorante ecocostenibile
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Letto Fluttua, Libreria LagoLinea, Armadio Et Voilá
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Letto Fluttua, Sedia Dangla
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Armadio Et Voilá
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Libreria LagoLinea
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Libreria LagoLinea, Letto Fluttua
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Libreria DiagoLinea, Letto Air Wildwood
MMF-2015 Orbassano - Letto Air Wildwood, Libreria LagoLinea

Lago Welcome Orbassano @Casa Format


An innovative building, designed following the principles of sustainable architecture, hosts an eco-friendly hotel with a modern design

Designed by the architect Carlo Colombo, who started from a careful study of the surrounding landscape and territorial context, hosts a small design hotel and a restaurant that dialogue with the surrounding environment. The building embodies an innovative approach to hospitality and 0 km cooking: immersed in the green of the countryside outside Turin, Casa Format offers a unique emotional and environmental experience inspired by a contemporary lifestyle dedicated to mindfulness and sustainability.

The green structure of Casa Format is in harmonious dialogue with the surrounding countryside, resonating with the tranquillity of the landscape and actively engaged with it. A vast vegetable garden serves as a natural pantry for authentic, responsible cuisine, while the slow rhythms of the seasons, with their variation of colours and fragrances, accompany the guests’ stay in the splendid design guest rooms, which enjoy a gorgeous view of the surrounding expanses of land.

The hotel guest rooms, each inspired by a different lifestyle, offer visitors a welcoming setting that feels tailored to their own identity. The Trendy room, with a cosmopolitan air and sophisticated design, blends modern colours and the warmth of wood. Its minimalist design, enlivened by the unusual lines of the Diagolinea bookshelf, lends personality to the basic forms of the structure. Fresh and colourful, with a livelier atmosphere, the Young guest room was designed around a palette of natural colours that complement the rural frame of the surrounding territory. The suspended Fluttua bed and the colourful Et Voilà wardrobe, with a fabric door, give a touch of energy to the spaces, which feature large door windows that let the light in, bringing out the colours of the furnishings.

Casa Format is a special place where you can feel at home, enjoy authentic food and spaces and let yourself be won over by the beauty of the interiors, which pay homage to the natural setting all around.


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Via Giordano Bruno 13
10043 Orbassano, TO

[email protected]

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