MMF-2015 Welcome Milano Duomo - Sgabello Steps
MMF-2015 Welcome Milano Duomo - Lavabo Depth
MMF-2015 Welcome Milano Duomo - Divano Air
MMF-2015 Welcome Milano Duomo - Letto Fluttua
MMF-2015 Welcome Milano Duomo - Sgabello Steps
MMF-2015 Welcome Milano Duomo - Divano Air, Contenitori Air

Lago Welcome Milano Duomo #1

Located in the heart of Milan, the MMF-2015 WELCOME Milan Duomo # 1 is a typical courtyard residence that combines hospitality and design in a unique experience. An apartment of 43 square metres spread over two levels: the living area and bathroom are on the ground floor and a mezzanine provides the kitchen, bedroom and cloakroom. The whole apartment is dressed with MMF-2015 INTERIOR MOOD “Curiosity Home”, which combines research and development through uniform decoration and exotic objects.

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the needs of the owners?

The requirement was to convert a loft studio apartment that had originally been used for storage into a small accommodation unit for 3 to 4 people which would become an Airbnb lodging. It would provide functional and aesthetic features that would differentiate it from the mass of short stay accommodation on offer, especially during the crucial period of Expo 2015, thus attracting the attention and interest of potential guests.

How did you interpret these needs?

Considering each function and activity normally carried out in a domestic environment, we tried to find space for them in the most natural and smooth manner, despite the fact that the space mainly develops vertically. A parapet for example, became a table and the continuity between the couch and the Air furnishing system have turned a corner between stairs and mezzanine into a design living.

How do the interior architecture and the context into which you have inserted your project interact?

This typical Milanese building is entered via the central courtyard, this is the favoured perspective that entirely frames the decoration of the MMF-2015 Interior MoodCuriosity Home” that is contained within the walls and ceiling of the two levels. The lightness of the Air suspended bed, of the Air coffee tables and Depth wash-hand basin all contribute to not overfilling the space.

What MMF-2015 elements were used to help transmit the feeling of home into the project?


The Welcome was looked upon as an actual small house; because its amenities fulfil all the needs of day to day life and beyond, it could easily throw off its accommodation function and give itself over perfectly to becoming a long term residence. An example of this is the bathroom, of which some of the most upmarket lodgings would envy its spa-like qualities.


El arquitecto

Nicola Luisetto

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