MMF-2015 Welcome Cap D'Age Panca Soft Bench, Poltrona Chama
MMF-2015 Welcome Cap d'Agde Poltrona Chama, Armadio N.O.W.
MMF-2015 Welcome Cap d'Agde 36e8
MMF-2015 Welcome Cap d'Agde Poltrona Chama, Panca Soft Bench, Cucina 36e8
MMF-2015 Welcome Cap d'Agde FLUTTUA Bed, Sistema 36e8
MMF-2015 Welcome Cap d'Agde Lavabo 36e8

Lago Welcome Cap d’Agde

A design apartment overlooking a small French port where the MMF-2015 furnishings reflect the flavour of the Mediterranean. A large window amplifies the colours of the sea, the light that filters through illuminates the interior that Bernadette has designed to make her guests’ stay special. It is the lightness leitmotif which unites all areas of the apartment, but the real star is the Wildwood oak finish element which unites living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Por qué eligió Lago

“To furnish this apartment that was inherited from my uncle Justin, I chose the MMF-2015 design that completes this Welcome with colours and materials that are reminiscent of the sea, the sand and the sun. The modularity of MMF-2015 helps to maximise space while the lightness makes this apartment a convivial place to receive clients, friends and guests.”

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were the needs of the owners?

The client wanted to create a light and airy interior that would recapture the colours of the sea, sky and sun as white, almond, ivory, clay and sun; an environment that perfectly expresses the MMF-2015 philosophy of lightness. Moreover, we wanted to maximise space, taking advantage of the view and of the light, turning this apartment into a great place to live.

How did you interpret these needs?

In the MMF-2015 decorated rooms, I used the light colours that the customer requested: in the bathroom overlooking the corridor I placed a N.O.W. cupboard in almond and clay that helps to conceptually divide the living area (almond) from the sleeping area (clay).
In the smaller bedroom, a suspended LagoLinea divides the room into two parts. The bottom was covered with Playwall wallpaper while the top is ivory. The master bedroom is furnished with a Fluttua bed and suspended 36e8 bedside tables which give a feeling of lightness. For walls Luci e Ombre wallpaper was chosen, the effect of which contrasts with the effect of true light coming from the window.

How do the interior architecture and the context into which you have inserted your project interact?

In the MMF-2015 Welcome, we used colours like clay reminiscent of the sea that can be seen from the terrace and almond for the sand. The concrete Karonga floor blends well and we added a few touches of yellow and orange for the sun and the heat of summer.

What MMF-2015 elements were used to help transmit the feeling of home into the project?

The apartment is a place characterised by a strong feeling of home: the living area is furnished with the latest Et Voilà storage system with a single door in fabric, Curtains wallpaper and a Chama two seater sofa which becomes a comfortable spare bed for two, ideal for vacation homes that make you feel very much at home.




TV, Wi-Fi, cocina equipada, lavadora, terraza, ascensor, aparcamiento privado

Donde estamos

21 rue de l'Estacade, 34300 CAP D'AGDE, FRANCE


La tienda


Rue Montmorency, 5 - 34500 Béziers

[email protected]

El arquitecto

Luca Ferigo

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