MMF-2015 Parma al Bacio - Libreria e Contenitori Air, Panca Air Wildwood
MMF-2015 Parma al Bacio - Libreria Air, Panca Air Wildwood, Sgabello Steps
MMF-2015 Parma al Bacio - Libreria Air
MMF-2015 Parma al Bacio - Libreria Air, Panca Air Wildwood, Sgabello Steps
MMF-2015 Parma al Bacio - Panca Air Wildwood
MMF-2015 Parma al Bacio - Libreria LagoLinea, Tavolo Air, Panca Air Wildwood

Lago Inside Parma @Al Bacio


The brief: Design a restaurant with a contemporary style that respects the Italian tradition. The result: Our interiors for this small design-driven restaurant in Parma

Parma, one of UNESCO’s ‘Creative Cities of Gastronomy’, is a natural fit for the new , a sparkling, innovative new member of the MMF-2015 INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK. The owners, passionate about cooking and always in search of new trends and interpretations, asked us to create a design-driven restaurant for people who love good Italian taste, in the kitchen and beyond: an aesthetically appealing space, but also practical and fun for the people who bring it to life.

With the goal of harmonising the restaurant interiors with the owners’ innovative spirit, we interpreted the space through references to the key elements of their vision: quality, vitality, innovation, conviviality, sharing and a home-like feeling.

The design challenge was to create an innovative Parma restaurant in a very small space. Our winning solution for this limitation was to pair furniture suspended on glass and a pale colour palette, a combination that reflects the light that comes in from the large windows and gives the space depth and a feeling of lightness.

Designed to foster conviviality and sharing, the restaurant has the appearance of being divided into two spaces: at the entrance, next to the reception desk, we set up a long Wildwood counter that can accommodate up to ten people and leads to an Air bookcase, which we put in the centre of the room to divide the space with lightness. In the other half, Wildwood benches and colourful Air tables, which even have pockets for tablets, run along the entire perimeter of the space, welcoming diners and inviting them to put a premium on the relationships and flavours that ‘happen’ around the furniture. The restaurant interior, designed to foster sharing, is completed with a special app, accessible to all, which lets everyone engage in a playful exchange that is at once both digital and physical.

The life flowing around the furniture is framed by majolica-patterned wallpaper, a nod to the Italian tradition, and panels in bold, lively colours that come down from the ceiling. This small, design-driven restaurant is perfect for dinners, lunches and new encounters: if you plan to be in Parma, be sure to stop by.

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