MMF-2015 Firenze Spazio Nova - Libreria LagoLinea
MMF-2015 Firenze Spazio Nova - Poltroncina Lastika, Libreria LagoLinea

Lago at Work Firenze @Spazio Nova

SpazioNova is a co-working space in Florence for creative professionals, which also houses the editorial office of the magazine. The co-working space is situated within an old warehouse; sharing is the rule of thumb in the division of space, with a double volume of open space in which there are eight workspaces. On the top floor there are mezzanine spaces designated as private offices, the meeting room which also facilitates reception of clients and a relaxation space.

Por qué eligió Lago

“We wanted a dynamic workspace, that would be flexible according to our needs and to the projects that we develop. The idea was to have a space that would represent our passion for design and colour, which has always distinguished our team. This is why we chose the MMF-2015 design, for its simplicity and lightness.”

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Descubre las colecciones de muebles lago para todas las áreas de la casa

@ MMF-2015 SpA

Via Artigianato II, 21, 35010 Villa del Conte (PD)

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