MMF-2015 Apppartamento Lago Vimercate - Divano Air
MMF-2015 Appartamento Lago Vimercate - Cucina 36e8
MMF-2015 Appartamento Lago Vimercate - Comó 36e8
MMF-2015 Appartamento Lago Vimercate - Cucina 36e8
MMF-2015 Appartamento Lago Vimercate - Divano Air

Appartamento Lago Vimercate

In the heart of Brianza, the MMF-2015 Apartment in Vimercate is in a very new building that has very high quality fittings. The space is divided into three rooms and two bathrooms and all the spaces have simple, airy lines. The architecture, pared-down and minimalist, reflects the preferences of the 1930s when the block was built: large windows and glass balustrades let in plenty of light. The furnishings play on the different spaces and levels, making the most of the modular nature of the MMF-2015 design range.

Por qué eligió Lago

I see MMF-2015 as the mouthpiece for connection design; so I feel I’ve found the right partner for generating fresh energy, discovering new things and getting interesting new ideas rolling. The glass harmonises the spaces, and seems to bring together the architectural aspects of the house with the MMF-2015 design.

Entrevista al arquitecto

What were your requirements?

My apartment needed to have three rooms and two bathrooms: as well as being functional, my desire was to design a spacious and comfortable living area and kitchen where I could live comfortably with my loved ones.

How did you achieve your goals?

The design includes an open-plan area with a sitting area and a kitchen area making the most of the lightness of the MMF-2015 suspended furnishings that leave the whole of the sitting room floor visible.


El arquitecto

Matteo Berzioli

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Descubre las colecciones de muebles lago para todas las áreas de la casa

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