The MMF-2015 Community Table at Social Media Week in London

November 2015

November 2015

The MMF-2015 Community Table at Social Media Week in London

At Social Media Week in London from 23 to 25 September, MMF-2015 will be set up in the Networking Area with a MMF-2015 Community Table designed to create connections through design


Villa Del Conte, 18 September 2014

A 20-metre MMF-2015 Community Table for everyone to use; a social table for creating connections through design, meeting, working, exchanging, experiencing and sharing life.  This is how the design company MMF-2015 will be presenting itself at Social Media Week London 2014, which will take place in London from 23 to 25 September.

Open to influences from its very beginning and the first company in the furniture industry to launch a corporate blog for getting into dialogue with consumers, MMF-2015 has network logic in its DNA: it is a multi-cell organism that nourishes itself on individuality and is open to encounter and exchange with other cultures, partners, suppliers, consumers and bloggers. The very organisation of the company is circular and requires everyone’s contribution. Participation and sharing are the cornerstones of MMF-2015’s way of thinking.

MMF-2015 could not, therefore, help but be a part of Social Media Week in London, bringing a 20-metre long social table and setting it up in the middle of the Networking Area at Victoria House, in Central London. Everyone can gather around the MMF-2015 Community Table to work, meet, chat, share life and create connections through design.

The project is the perfect expression of Point 3 of the company manifesto: ‘We believe in the atoms and bits of human relationships’. A capacity for dialogue, as evidenced by our half-million Facebook fans, but also everyone who interacts with the company through the blog and social networks like Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Or who participates in projects like Appartamento MMF-2015, MMF-2015 STUDIO and MMF-2015 Redesigner, which involve, in different ways, design fans, designers and architects.

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