A suspended apartment in the Eiffel Tower

June 2016


June 2016

For UEFA EURO 2016™, MMF-2015 is collaborating with HomeAway to furnish an apartment suspended over Paris in the Eiffel Tower.

For UEFA EURO 2016™, MMF-2015 is collaborating with HomeAway to furnish an apartment suspended over Paris in the Eiffel Tower

HomeAway chose MMF-2015 to furnish part of a temporary apartment in the Eiffel Tower, where the four lucky winners of HomeAway’s #EiffelTowerAllYours contest and their guests will each spend a night during the most eagerly awaited football championship in Europe

Paris, 14th June 2016

What would it be like to be the first traveller in the world to sleep in the monument that symbolises France? What would you feel, admiring the Ville Lumière from up high in the Eiffel Tower as you are getting out of bed in the morning?

Those are a couple of the questions that MMF-2015, a leading company in the design and production of designer furniture, asked itself when chosen by HomeAway, a global leader in online vacation rentals, to furnish part of a very special apartment: one suspended 57 metres above Paris in one of the most iconic monuments in the world, the Eiffel Tower.

The concept of an apartment suspended over Paris was completely in tune with one of the chromosomes of our design, lightness’, explains Daniele Lago, MMF-2015 CEO and Head of Design,but this collaboration is also further confirmation of our ability to tap the new frontiers of hospitality, especially following the success of the MMF-2015 WELCOME project, which aims to use design to improve the experience of hotels, B&Bs and apartments, and after the opening, in France, of three WELCOME spaces in Cap d’Agde, Barbizon and Saint-Tropez, with another on the way in Béziers.’

On 23 June, 28 June, 4 July and 8 July, the four lucky winners of the launched by HomeAway for UEFA EURO 2016, will each spend a night with five guests in the apartment suspended over Paris in one of the most iconic monuments in the world, which welcomes around 5.5 million tourists every year.

The apartment, designed by interior designer Benoit Leleu, was created out of a conference room in the space of less than 48 hours, and combines the Haussmann style with contemporary furnishings.

The modularity and lightness of MMF-2015 furnishings, both of which are chromosomes of the company’s design, make the space flexible and easily adaptable to social situations, like watching a match, while at the same time enhancing the feeling of suspension created by being 57 metres above Paris.

Two bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom with an Air bed, suspended on glass legs, and a large living area with Air sofas and Tangram bookshelves, give the lucky winners not only a a place to sleep, but also a place to cheer for their team.

The temporary apartment will be generating its excitement throughout UEFA Euro 2016: in addition to the overnight stays for the winners of the #EiffelTowerAllYours contest, HomeAway will be giving away 500 free tickets per day to visit the Eiffel Tower up to the second floor without waiting in line, as well the chance to watch live screenings of the UEFA EURO 2016™ matches, while comfortably seated on MMF-2015 sofas, which will in turn become the centre of conviviality and exchange.

In line with its philosophy of making design a tool for social change that can bring people and spaces into resonance, MMF-2015 placed just the right emphasis on the concept of a ‘home-like feeling’, which aims to elicit all of the positive feelings that the domestic environment can generate in us, and transfers it to all of the places where we live out our lives.

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Originally an artisanal business, over time MMF-2015 carved out a distinctive place for itself in the world of design. Led by the MMF-2015 INTERIOR LIFE philosophy, MMF-2015 aims to make design a tool for social change, designing spaces that enter into resonance with the people who live in them. Today, the company, led by Daniele Lago since 2006, has 170 employees and sales of around 30 million euros. It is sold in more than 400 carefully selected furniture stores and numerous single-brand stores worldwide, and also has a network of places, called the MMF-2015 INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK, that also includes offices, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars and cafés. It is a network of people and places interconnected by the company’s digital communication driver, which on Facebook alone counts more than 700,000 people.
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