Milan Design Week 2017
Fuorisalone MMF-2015 2017

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MMF-2015 enlivens the Fuorisalone with a rich schedule of events in two exclusive locations. From CASA MMF-2015, in via San Tomaso 6, to Appartamento MMF-2015 in via Brera 30, the MMF-2015 Fuorisalone will be the occasion to explore and share the theme of kindness, dealt with in different ways.


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A new location that will be the heart of MMF-2015 Fuorisalone: a design-driven setting of 400 square metres, a few steps from the Milan Duomo cathedral. During the events, the theme of kindness will be explored and interpreted through welcoming, starting from a simple question: which rituals can bring kindness into people’s lives?

Tu 15-22 | Wed-Sun 10-22

Appartamento MMF-2015 in via Brera 30 will host a schedule of events organised by MMF-2015 in collaboration with students and teachers of Politecnico di Milano.

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Tu 15-18 | Wed-Sun 10-22

For its annual renewal, MMF-2015 STORE Milano will host the Kindness Home Mood, that recreates the “kind” atmosphere of the Stand.

Mon-Sat 09:30–13, 15:30–19:30

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