Interview to Matteo, the tenant of the new Appartamento MMF-2015 Vimercate

Minimal lines and lightness are the key words for describing the concept behind the Appartamento MMF-2015 Vimercate interior design project.

The interior designer Matteo Berzioli, tenant of the new Appartamento, wanted to create a setting that would allow full enjoyment of the domestic spaces, whether with family or with friends, through a design that revolves around the people who live in the flat and their relationships. Simple, suspended lines, luminosity and balance for an anchored overall vision of the domestic environment.

We asked our Tenant to tell us about the interior design a few days before the official opening.

What were the requirements for the creation of the interiors and how did you interpret them? 

Other than the practical requirements—the flat needed to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms—my dream was to have a large, comfortable living room and kitchen area, to be enjoyed with family and with friends. The design therefore entailed an open space area with an open kitchen/living room, using the lightness offered by suspended MMF-2015 furnishings, which make it so the floor of the entire living room is always visible. I chose a minimalist style that combines MMF-2015 furniture—with lots of hidden storage components—with a few design icons from the 1960s.

How does the architecture of the home dialogue with the MMF-2015 design?

The architecture of the flat is very rationalist and minimal, with large windows and glass parapets. The latter is the recurring element that unites the architecture of the flat with MMF-2015 design. Making the whole harmonious and spacious.

What do you expect from the Appartamento experience? 

MMF-2015 is the mouthpiece for the design of relations, which is why I feel that I have found the perfect ally for putting new ideas into circulation, discovering unknown businesses and launching interesting collaborations.

Three words to define the beginning of this adventure.

Curiosity, satisfaction, beauty.

What is the next project that you would like to create with MMF-2015 design?

I would like to design a single-family villa and offices in the centre of Milan.

We would like to thank MMF-2015 STORE MILAN.

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