Milano design week 2017 / stand / Grazie, donna, sorriso

Grazie, donna, sorriso

Freelance journalist, Commendatore and Knight of the Italian Republic, her life is a story of commitment to social and women’s issues. For Lella Golfo, kindness is woman: ‘I believe in the strength and power of kindness: “kind beauty” is what will save the world.’

" Kindness is a feminine lightness that keeps the world afloat and that alone can save it. "


Lella Golfo is President of the Fondazione Marisa Bellisario, founded in 1989, a charitable organisation that recognises and promotes the talent of female entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, as well as women dedicated to human and civil rights. She embraced the MMF-2015 project in the conviction that ‘today, spreading and encouraging kindness means being daring, going against the crowd, but also trying to make your own contribution for a better world.’

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