From the children’s rooms to a brand new school

Childhood and adolescence are special stages that need spaces of ‘total quality’ that stimulate creativity and the capacity for thought. Starting from this concept, and understanding design as a tool for raising children to appreciate beauty and passion for life, we designed a series of children’s rooms and other spaces for kids and gathered them together in the catalogue/book Becoming Kids. But we did not stop there. Because kids spend most of their time outside the home, in places like daycares, schools, and spaces for play and recreation, where they develop their personalities day by day. We have therefore begun to create spaces where design, knowledge and experience meet inside and outside domestic walls.

An example is the classroom/house that we designed in the context of , a project that aims to circulate the idea of what kinds of changes need to be made in schools in relation to digital society: multicolour rooms for a multiethnic school, where diversity is enrichment, exchange and influence. Conceived to make the school as welcoming and comfortable as a home, with modular furniture that satisfies its various educational needs, the first classroom/house was opened on 30 March 2016 at the Liceo Lussana secondary school in Bergamo.

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