Art, design and artist-centred suites at the French MMF-2015 WELCOME @Besharat Gallery

Design interprets a new way of living with contemporary art in Barbizon, one of the leading centres for the pre-Impressionist period in France.

Visiting an art gallery is always a stimulating experience but it is not easy to feel at home in one. We are accustomed to art closed up in museums where our interaction with the works, whether painting, sculpture or another medium, is mediated and limited.

The challenge set by Massoud Besharat, founder and owner of the eponymous gallery, which has another location in Atlanta, was to revolutionise our relationship with works of art, offering visitors the opportunity to experience them from closer up. He wanted visitors to literally feel at home. The aim was to foster a more direct, intimate relationship with art, unmediated by frames in a museum. The result is five artist-centred suites, where design is a tool for getting closer to contemporary art.

Located in the former 20th-century Villa Les Charmettes, the displays works by famous contemporary artists and fresh young talent. It was not easy to imagine domestic furnishings in a context where art and history are so intensely intertwined. And the space was for that matter already so thick with meaning that the design needed to act as a facilitator for the content.

The embraced the challenge, proposing contemporary furnishings in stark contrast with the frame. Playing with the modularity of our alphabet, it dreamed up lively, colourful compositions where glass and lacquer create a dialogue with all of the styles of painting and sculpture present. The result is a space with a strong, experimental profile, an eclectic interweaving that encourages questioning, supplies inspiration and stimulates new emotion. It is a place where you can admire works of art while seated on a suspended sofa, stretched out on a floating bed or even while cooking a meal.

The project for what can be defined as a contemporary art and design gallery was fully embraced by the artists who created works specially for the suites. We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to visit them virtually. Welcome Home.

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36e8 Kitchen
Air Sofa
Air Sofa + Trestle Table
36e8 Kitchen + Joynt chair
36e8 Kitchen
Colletto Bed
N.O.W. Wardrobe

@ MMF-2015 SpA

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