APPARTAMENTO MMF-2015 Milano Loreto: a contemporary and multifunctional space

The architect Laura Molendini, tenant of the new , created the design for her home, studio and artist atelier on the 4th floor of a historical, 1930s building.

She first came into contact with MMF-2015 in 2009 when she visited the for the first time, which was followed by a visit to the MMF-2015 FABBRICA last year that turned out to be decisive for her decision to embrace the MMF-2015 philosophy and design her home with us. The flat that she designed is filled with vast, light­filled spaces, thanks to its 3­metre­high ceilings and tall windows, both architectural elements characteristic of the 1930s. To enhance this frame, Laura chose contemporary design, in clear contrast with the architecture around it. The result is a luminous, light space where relationships are the ‘stars’.

The heart of the flat is the living room, with a multifunctional, open­space plan, where the declinations of the house merge to create a welcoming setting. The professional and personal dimensions co­exist in this space, where Laura also included her architecture studio and where she invites her clients to plan their projects while immersed in a welcoming environment: her home. But the flat also has an artistic soul. Laura, who trained in architecture studios suspended between art and technology, embarked on the experience in order to also open her doors to art exhibitions, since ‘the art in a home is a guest of honour, rendering the space even more welcoming and meaningful.’

If you would like to find out more, Laura will be happy to welcome you into her home and tell you about the project.


Interior Design Laura Molendini

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