A space with a cosmopolitan air along the banks of the lake Como

A vocation for hospitality, wellness, conviviality and the pleasures of the warmth of home: this is the soul of Villa Silvia, the new MMF-2015 WELCOME, which we opened on Thursday, 10 September.

MMF-2015 WELCOME @ Villa Silvia is located in Tremezzina, one of the most charming spots on Lake Como. The villa and its vast garden, which give directly onto the lake with a pier, are a perfect oasis for experiencing all of the charms of a holiday without giving up the comforts of home. Old-fashioned charm and contemporary style have been expertly mixed to alluring effect: the walls of local stone are juxtaposed with modern coverings and cosmopolitan furnishings, giving the spaces unique individuality.

The villa’s atmosphere is young, relaxed and welcoming, just like Silvia and Angelo, the two tenants who are opening up the doors to invite you into their home. It was almost an accident that they decided to join the. ‘Working with MMF-2015 professionals on the design for the interior was destiny. We already knew the brand, but when they talked to us about the, that got us really excited, since conviviality and sharing are two values close to our hearts. They gave us an idea for a new way of thinking about and using this residence’.

One week before the official opening ( the villa can already be booked at and will soon be up on and  ), Silvia and Angelo talked to us about the project.

“We have always lived on Lake Como and our biggest dream was to find a residence that would tell its story, that be a creative hub for local artist and writers and give us the experience of the charm of these waters in a private, relaxing setting. Incredibly, last year we discovered what then became Villa Silvia. We fell in love with it, and now it is our oasis of peace’.

What were your needs for the living space?

‘We wanted to combine two different styles: the classic lake style and the minimalist, contemporary, urban style, mixing aesthetics, colours and textures and concentrating on elements that inspire emotion. We want our guests to find the intimacy and warmth of their ‘living rooms’ in practical, original, simple, elegant spaces’.

What is your favourite part of the house and the one that will win over your future guests?

‘The kitchen, hands down. Since the kitchen is a place of sharing, conviviality and inspiration. It is where brilliant ideas, emotions and memories originate … the kitchen always has a bit of the spirit of the people who live there’.

What would you like your MMF-2015 WELCOME to become?

‘The ideal place for an exclusive, relaxing holiday, but also the perfect home for every day. A place for people who, like us, after months of hard work and the daily grind in a chaotic city, want to enjoy some quality time immersed in nature, between chirping birds and the lapping of the waves of the lake’.






The theme of the event was the female figure, since Villa Silvia is an evocation of the eternal bond between water and women: it was named after the woman who brought it into being and preserves her spirit on the tranquil waters of Lake Como. It hosted the artist , who, through his works, presented a vision of the female spirit: intangible, weightless, invisible, colourless and elusive, just like the waters of the lake.



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