Opening MMF-2015 Welcome Riccione @ Hotel Dory & Suite

The architect Barbara Vannucchi, a seasoned , designed a suite for the dedicated to people with a taste for relaxing in a design space filled with unique details.

With a large terrace looking out over the Adriatic, the loft is a welcoming mansarded refuge measuring 30 metres square and close to the sea, characterised by warm colors and unique solutions for the optimization of the spaces.

Standing out in the centre of the room is a colourful N.O.W. wardrobe used to separate the two spaces of the loft. The Fluttua bed creates a welcoming, suspended atmosphere in the sleeping area and the bathroom is filled with accessories and details designed to amaze and inspire guests looking to enjoy a moment dedicated to wellness.

The new MMF-2015 WELCOME in Riccione offers an environment where everyone can feel at home, even while on holiday, because it is suited to all different types of lifestyles, families and personalities.

The versatility of the design, MMF-2015 colour palette and materials combine to create an interior in harmony with the style and mood that were desired for the suite, which was dreamed up to provide guests with a unique, exclusive travel experience.


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